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Deploying a static site

Let's try to deploy a static site on Patr. In the case of static sites, all you need is a bunch of HTML files generated from your static site generator or from your build process, and Patr will take care of the rest. You're required to only upload a zip file, which contains all the HTML files that you want to host, and the rest of the process will be handled by Patr.

Step 1: Create a new static site

In order to create a static site deployment, head over to the Static sites tab:

Side Nav Static Sites

Click on Add Static Site:

New Static Site

Fill in the following fields accordingly:

  • Name: The name of your static site. This is something you would use to identify the static site for your internal purposes.
  • Domain name: In case you want to deploy your static site on a specific domain, you can enter that here.
  • Upload Zip File: A zip file containing the HTML contents of the website, which upon unzipping contains the index.html file in the root directory.

Static Site Details

Click on Create Static Site.

Your new static site will now be created and hosted shortly.

Step 2: Update your site contents

Now that you have your static site ready, let's update the contents in it.

Click on Open on the static site that you have.

Now click on the Upload site button in it, and upload your new file. The rest of it will be taken care of by Patr.

Upload Static Site

Static site Card

Once your site is uploaded, click on `Manage Static Site' for further details about it. You can now get an Overview of the site, view the URLs associated to it and check the Site History.

Static Site Card

Now you can also revert to your previous version of Static Site by clicking on the Revert to this version option under Site History.

Revert Static Site