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Create a Managed URL

Now that you're done adding your domains, create a URL(s) that Patr will manage for you.

Click on Create Managed URL:

New Managed URL

Step 1: Once you've created one, add the following details accordingly:

Add details for Managed URL

Sub Domain: Add your sub domain here. For example if you want to set your URL as then your sub domain would be test.

Domain: Choose your domain from the dropdown. Beside domain, there's another field that allows you to add a custom path as well.

Type details for Managed URL

Type: From the given four options you can choose the type of URL you would like to create.

URL: If it's a static site or a deployment then you can choose from a list of static sites/existing deployments to add a URL.

Port Number: Select your port number that you've exposed on the deployment.