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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you build Docker images on Patr?

Yes. You can build a Docker image using Patr CI.

Does Patr provide auto-scaling of deployments?

Yes, Patr provides auto-scaling of deployments. Our smart-scaling system automatically calculates the appropriate scaling readjustments and instantly boosts or downgrades capacity as per requirements to keep your metrics on target.

Will the connection between the containers be automatically taken care of?

Yes. Patr manages the connections between all your containers.

Is it only for Docker?

No. Patr allows you to push any container of your choice. We generally use Docker, but you can push any kind of container. If you want to stick to your existing CI solution, you can push the container image from your exiting CI pipeline and we'll take care of running, scaling, monitoring your container.

How do you handle issues or downtimes in data centers?

In case of downtimes or data center disruptions, we'll automatically move your container to a nearby data center.

How do you ensure data safety and security?

Patr uses Kubernetes' namespaces to manage each workspace that is created on Patr. Since all the namespaces are isolated from one another, you can be rest assured that your data will always be secured and protected.

Do users have access to the containers?

We currently don't provide access to container but plan on providing shell access in the future.

Can we do scheduled deployment?

No. As of now, Patr doesn't provide scheduled deployments. In case this a must-have feature for you, please drop us an email at and we'll try to integrate it as a part of our enterprise plan (customised plan) to you.

What kind of orchestration do you use?

We use Kubernetes for our orchestration.

What happens when the cloud provider is having issues and we need to switch the cloud provider?

We will automatically shift your container to the nearest data center available.

Can I host on my own account?

Yes, you can host resources on your own account using our BYOC feature, available under the BYOC section.

Will I be charged if I have credits?

Your due amount will initally be deducted from your credits and the remaining amount will be charged to your card. For example, if your your Total Bill amounts to $50 and you've credits worth $30; your card will be charged a total of $20 after deducting the $30 from your credits.

Can I deploy from from my Git repo?

Yes you can deploy directly from your Git respostiory by setting up a CI pipeline using Patr CI/CD.

Can I automate Patr from my CI?

Yes, you automate Patr using our CLI.

Can I migrate from another platform?

Yes, you can migrate to Patr from any other PaaS provider or cloud platform. We've a quick migration setup in place for users who are looking to migrate from Heroku - you can refer to this guide for further details. In addition to this, feel free to reach out to us at for further migration assistance.

When will I be charged?

You'll be charged on the last day of every month, depending on the timezone you are based out of.

Is there a limit on my usage?

No there are no predefined limits on your usage, apart from the ones you've manually set. However there are limits on the number of deployments and databases that can be created per account.

What if I don't add my card details?

If you don't add your card details, you won't be able to create a paid resource on Patr.

What kind of payment methods do you accept?

We accept all payment methods supported by Stripe including Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.

Can you help me scale DevOps?

Yes, Patr also offers custom services in helping companies, startups and individuals to scale their DevOps pipeline. Please contact us at for further assistance.

Can I add my team to my account?

Yes, you'll soon be able to add your entire team with custom permissions to Patr using our RBAC (Role Based Access Control) feature (Coming soon).

Does Patr support custom domain?

Yes, Patr allows you to add your custom domain using its Domain feature. Unlike any other platform, we offer hosting a custom domain completely free.

Where do I submit a feature request?

You can submit a feature request by dropping a message on our chat support. It'll go straight to the engineering team of Patr.

Can you unblock my account?

To get your account unblocked, reach out to us at or drop a message in the chat support.

Do my deployments ever stop running?

We do not schedule any halts or restarts to the deployments. In case we move servers or shift data due to high traffic, your deploymentmight get restarted. However, you can ensure that your deployment never stops running on Patr with our Zero Downtime feature. All you need to do is assign startup and liveness probes to your deployment while creating it. You can read up more on our Zero Downtime Deployments Guide.

What happens when I run out of credits?

Once your credits get exhausted, you'll be charged the balance amount on your card.

Where can I report a bug?

You can report a bug on our chat support within Patr or on our Discord Community

Where do I see my current usage?

You can view your current usage under the bill breakdown in the Billing section.

How does Patr calculate usage?

Patr charges you for the resources you use, billed by the hour.

We charge only a maximum of 720 Billable hours a month.

For example:

If you select [1 GB RAM 1 CPU, $5], but consume it only for 360 hrs out of the 720 billable hours/month; you'll be only charged $2.5. This applies to every instance that's created.

Note: During intervals of upscale/downscale, the corresponding resource chosen, will get billed for the no. of hours multiplied by the price of the resource scaled.

You can direct your Domain to an external link or application outside Patr by creating a Managed URL on the app.

What currency will I be charged in?

Patr uses the USD as the standard currency to charge all users. However Indian customers are charged in INR due to the regulations in India.

What is BYOC?

BYOC stands for Bring Your Own Cloud. It's a feature that allows you to deploy your applications on your own cloud account with Patr.

I deleted my resource, why is it still showing in my bill?

Your bill will consist of all resources that were created in your account and respective workspaces for that month. The amount charged for the deleted resource will be corresponding to the time it was running on Patr.

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