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Deploying a Vanilla HTML site on Patr

Vanilla HTML is a simple and straightforward way to build a static website. It involves writing HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files and linking them together to create a functional website. These files can then be hosted on a web server or cloud platform like Patr.

Prerequisites - What you'll need

  • A Static Site: A web page built with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

Uploading the application to Patr

  • Navigate to the Static Site Dashboard on Patr.

Screenshot of sidenav with Static Sites selected

  • Click on the Add Static Site button and enter a static site name to identify the site.

Screenshot of create static site button

Screenshot of create static site screen

  • Zip the folder containing the index.html file (let's call the file
  • Click on the Upload Site and select the file that you created earlier.

Screenshot of "upload static site" page

  • Choose a release message, and your site will be uploaded automatically.

Accessing your static site

Once your site is processed, you can click on the URL of your Static Site on your Static Site Dashboard to view your site.

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