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Step 1: Estimate your usage

Head to the Pricing Calculator here.

Depending on the type of user, select between 3 different usage suggestions - Developer, Startup and Growth or create your own custom plan.

Pricing Calculator

Note: The prices mentioned in the plan are only suggestive. The actual prices will be billed by the hour.

Step 2: Modify your Plan

Based on the selected choice, you pricing calculator will be prefilled with quantities that we believe would be ideal for your usage.

For Example:

If you choose the Developer plan, your pricing calculator will be prefilled with:

Deployments: 2 x 1 vCPUs / 1 GB RAM Pricing Deployment Example

Databases: 1 x Nano ( 1 vCPU 1 GB RAM, 10GB storage) Pricing Database Example

Static Sites: 3
Domain: 1
Managed URL: 2
Pricing SS Domain MU Example

Docker Repositories: 10GB
Secrets: 3
Pricing Docker Secret Example

Feel free to modify any of the resources as per your liking and your estimated monthly credit usage will appear here:

Pricing Estimated Total Example

Note: This is only the estimated requirements of credits. Your actual usage will be lesser than this estimation as you will be charged on resource usage per hour.

Step 3: Purchase your Credits

Head to the ‘Billing’ tab in the ‘Billing’ section of your Workspace.

Pricing Billing Billing Section

Purchase the amount of credits as per your need:

Pricing Purchase Credits

Note: Your credits have no expiry date!

Add Billing Address and your card details to complete your purchase:

Pricing Add Billing Address

Step 4: Monitor Usage

Your current usage will be visible here:

Pricing Current Usage