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What is a Secret?

A secret is any sensitive information that you need to store in a secure, encrypted manner. Examples of values stored in a secret are:

  • Database passwords
  • API Tokens
  • Certificates
  • JWTs
  • OAuth Client Secrets
  • Any sensitive API keys

Any secret stored in Patr is highly secure, encrypted at rest and in transit, and is only available to your Deployment. This ensures that your secrets are protected always. We use industry standard practices, backed by Hashicorp, to make sure your secrets are secured and safe.

Creating a secret

To create a secret, navigate to the Secret section on the side-nav

Screenshot of sidenav with secrets highlighted

In the Secrets Dashboard, click on the Create Secret button.

Screenshot of secrets dashboard with create secret highlighted

In the Create Secret screen, enter the following values:

  • Name: The name of the secret. This is used to refer to the secret internally by a Deployment Environment Variable or a CI/CD Pipeline
  • Value: The value of the secret. This will be the data stored in the secret, and will be exposed to your Deployment as an Environment Variable.

Once you click on the Create button, your secret will be created and stored securely.

Using a secret with a Deployment

When creating a Deployment, you can choose to set an environment variable's value from a Secret. Simply click on the Select from Secrets button next to the environment variable value, and choose your secret. Your environment variable's value will automatically be set from the secret.

Screenshot of deployment env var with "choose from secret" highlighted

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